‘Me time’, ‘self-care’ – are you as weary of seeing, hearing, reading about these as I am? And I say that as a life coach who teaches this very thing!

Whenever a new well-being offering is introduced it is leapt on by the global marketing machine and used ad nauseam. I believe it ends up serving only to switch people off from what are, often, extremely important messages.

So why am I choosing to add yet another piece about this and how can I make the bold claim that practising self-care will change the world?

Draw closer; I will tell you.

Firstly let’s clear the decks so that you can more clearly hear what I’m about to say. Self-care is NOT selfish; is NOT neglecting important responsibilities in your life; is NOT neglecting your children; is NOT indulgent; is NOT impossible to find time to do.

And while we’re here – you ARE worth it!

OK, that’s the usual concerns acknowledged. Now we can begin.

Consistently practising extreme self-care changes your life. You feel refreshed, energised, relaxed, inspired … happy. You stop feeling guilty, anxious and overwhelmed and find yourself smiling and rediscovering who you really are. Life becomes an exciting voyage of discovery, wonder and awe again.

Making these powerful changes for yourself naturally benefits everyone around you and everything you do. Time and time again clients have been astounded by how easily longstanding ‘issues’ in their life are resolved when they feel differently about themselves.

So what actually changes when you commit to practising self-care?

You stop judging yourself so negatively, criticising yourself so much, believing you are inadequate, getting in your own way.

This happens because you start to experience more of your innate wisdom and learn to trust that wisdom. You listen to the clues your body gives you instead of allowing your brain, with all its beliefs and stories, to always call the shots.

You realise you can meet your own emotional needs rather than wanting other people or ‘things’ to provide them for you. You become emotionally resilient. You make peace with yourself and only want to choose that which you know will nurture, feed, inspire and make you happy.

(Take a deep breath here) you start to love yourself again because you start to remember who you really are.

Now stop and imagine for a moment what the world would be like if every person sharing this planet chose to practise extreme self-care. Human kind would stop being driven by despair, fear, anger and greed.

Really try to imagine what it would mean if people chose love, respect, kindness, sharing instead of choosing to want power over others, to hurt, to exploit. A tidal wave of powerful, positive change would sweep across our planet.

That’s how practising extreme self-care will change the world – one person at a time changing human consciousness.

Try as he might Birdham Bear cannot understand the concept of practising self-care because it’s already his natural way of being. It’s so innate in him that he doesn’t recognise it as something that needs to be considered; it’s simply who he is.

I want this to be how all children in the world grow up and Birdham Bear is helping me. Children are born in a state of lightness, love and joy – let’s help them stay that way as they grow up by rediscovering it for ourselves.

I want us all to create a world where people like me are no longer needed to help adults peel away the layers to reconnect with that state of being.

Want to explore this for yourself? Contact me – I’m ready and waiting.