WE ARE ONE ... knitting our world together


This is a project of hope, love, collaboration … and sheep.

It combines my love of Birdham Bear, knitting, rare sheep breeds and a heartfelt desire to live in a world where collaboration and unity across the globe is our reality.

I dream it, I visualize how such a world would be, I create it in my imagination.

Starting with project UK I am knitting five Birdham Bears – one each for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England using yarn native to each. Then I will knit ‘Unity’ Birdham Bear incorporating all four yarns.

This is an unfolding adventure and, I am excited to say, I have no idea where it will lead. If you want to  join me on the adventure or simply want to see how it all unfolds I am busy creating a YouTube channel and will be posting regular blogs.

Watch this space!