WE ARE ONE … the adventure begins

For many years, through my coaching work, I have encouraged women to listen to their heart, follow their inner guidance and take the first step to create whatever it is their heart is calling them to. Even if it doesn’t make sense or they have no idea where it will lead them.

‘We Are One’ is me doing that very thing.

I want to live in a world in which unity, love, collaboration, respect and kindness is the experience of every living being on our planet. I dream it, I visualize how it would be, I create it in my imagination.

Always with the same question, ‘What could I do that would make a difference? What action could I take?’

During lockdown, last year, it became more and more obvious just how divided the UK is, with the devolved governments of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland all working independently of Westminster to manage the pandemic. It prompted the thought that if one tiny island nation cannot unite and work together how can a whole world? At the same time, trying to make a difference here seemed like the perfect first step. The beginnings of Project UK began to tease the edges of my consciousness.

I love all four nations that make up the United Kingdom and want us to remain as one united collaborative country. Honouring our shared values and mutually respecting, enjoying and benefiting from our uniquenesses. Together we are greater than the sum of our individual parts.

So, I plucked up the courage to take action … and start to talk about it to people rather than quietly get on with it. I had to ignore the voice in my head telling me I don’t understand enough about politics, the situation is too complicated, people will laugh at my naivity.

I expanded beyond that level of myself into the clear, positive space of clarity and potential. This project is not about politics or historic wrongdoing, it’s about the future and what we want to create together, looking forward not back.

‘We Are One’ combines three of my passions; Birdham Bear, knitting and a growing interest in rare sheep breeds.

When I started I knew I had to knit a Birdham Bear for each of the nations of the UK, using the yarn of traditional sheep breeds from each area. It quickly grew to include a fifth Birdham Bear knitted using all four yarns – Unity Bear.

I delayed starting, hoping the pandemic restrictions would ease enough for travel within the UK. My plan was to research yarn online then travel to each area to buy it, find out more about the sheep and knit the Birdham Bear in his ‘home’ land.

As travel restrictions have dragged on I decided to wait no longer. I ordered yarn online and started knitting. As I created the bears I connected more with the energy of the project and the potential for what it could be. Ideas came thick and fast.

I will be gifting each Birdham Bear to the leaders of their respective nations, with an explanation of the project. As yet, I haven’t been guided to where Unity Bear will live.

I want to find the best way to engage people from the four nations, asking them to tell me what it means to be Scottish / Welsh / Northern Irish / English. What they feel are their values, strengths, qualities.

I’m playing with ideas for how people can join me in ‘knitting our world together’, if they are inspired to.

So far I have knitted Scotland / N. Ireland / England Birdham Bears. Unfortunately, there has been a delay with the Welsh yarn which will soon be resolved. More about the bears and the sheep in future blogs.

A friend alerted me to a TV programme on Craftivism. While watching it I realized this is a Craftivist project; I’m using my love of knitting and my creation, Birdham Bear, to take gentle action in my own unique way. My offering, gifted unconditionally, to help create the difference I want for our world.

If you are inspired by my ramblings and would like to share the adventure I invite you to sign up to receive my blog. I am currently creating a YouTube channel … watch this space!

If you made it this far, I thank you for your interest.