The Birdham Bear family continues to grow

Birdham Bear Bee

It’s happened again! I have another fabulous professional woman on board and, as is normal with all things Birdham bear, it was so easy.

Much as I am loving the voyage of discovery that my woolly friend is taking me on I fully recognise the gaps in my skill set and knowledge. I knew I needed a more structured approach to marketing but was feeling out of my depth. I needed some help but how to find it?

First step was to start networking locally, so I duly took myself off to what turned out to be a fabulous networking group ‘Chichester MNC’.

I was bowled over by the number of dynamic, fun business people in one room, including Emma Shepherd. My intuition (or was it Birdham Bear whispering in my ear?) told me she would be a great person to work with. Trusting this I arranged to meet her for a coffee to find out more.

To cut a short story even shorter Emma is now part of team BB and we are busy creating a business strategy. Amongst her many talents Emma has a wealth of experience and expertise in sales and business development – exactly what I lack. Match made in heaven and all so quick and easy! Emma’s business is called Elephants Never Forget

So now I find myself being given appointments to meet local businesses and organisations to talk about Birdham Bear and whether there might be opportunities to work together. To say I’m on a steep learning curve is the understatement of the year! I’m gaining more and more clarity about where I want to focus my energies – what feels fun and what doesn’t.

As long as I stay in the energy of Birdham Bear and the lightness, fun and love that he brings to the world it all flows and all is well.

Like everyone I have occasional hiccups and trip myself up or get in my own way; usually because a belief I didn’t know was lurking triggers a fear or worry. This is guaranteed to pull the energy right down and block the easy flow. I deal with this by doing what I ask my coaching clients to do – be willing to look at the thought / fear / belief, see it for what it is and release it. I long ago gave up being seduced into believing I had to analyse and understand it before I could move on. Wastes far too much time!

Whether or not it leads to business opportunities I’m having a ball meeting local people and learning what they do; discovering more about this new area I live in. Everyone is so kind and helpful and willing to give me advice.

I’m off to the local radio station Spirit FM for a meeting in about an hour, I’ve never been in a radio station before – another adventure for me and Birdham Bear.

So many plans and fun creations bubbling … watch this space.

Have you bought your Birdham Bear books for the summer holidays yet?