Bespoke Hand Knitted Birdham Bear


After many requests Birdham Bear is now available to buy. This is not an off the shelf product. Each one is knitted for the intended recipient. Lynne intuitively connects with the energy of the person before starting the project and while knitting. This makes your Birdham Bear a totally unique, one off.

Designed and hand knitted in Birdham, by Lynne Healy.

All parts sewn on extra securely. He is wearing his signature removable sweater.

Bear size approximately 30cm.

Yarn – 50% herdwick / 50% mohair blend from the sheep and goat flocks on Crookabeck Farm in Cumbria.

Button eyes

Gentle hand wash.

Please note these Birdham Bears are not suitable for children under 3 due to potential choke hazards. The nature of the yarn means it sheds fibres.