Nurturing our future leaders

This is me!

Introducing my exciting new book.

‘This is Me!’ is a ‘funtivity’ book for the whole family. It is a fun, gentle way to engage children differently and encourage new conversations.

The series of creative and fun activities in this book are carefully designed to:

Encourage each family member to think about how they are unique.

Offer different ways to think about themselves and the world they live in.

Help them find their authentic voice.

Honour and celebrate them for being who they are.

Although packaged for children it is actually a book of wisdom for all ages. Adults, it is for you too! The fun activities will inspire and help you as powerfully as they do children.

Pre-order your copies today – special price.

So why did I create it?

Do you ever imagine the world you want to live in? I do all the time.

I imagine a collaborative, caring world where every individual is valued, respected and has a voice. A world guided by love, hope and possibility. A world that recognises, nurtures and benefits from the unique blend of qualities, gifts and skills every person brings.

To achieve this we need new visionary, global leadership. Leaders who are authentic; who know they are serving humanity and our planet; who are guided by their hearts and are compassionate, courageous, kind and wise.

Our children can be those leaders. Some children are already being those leaders. Not all will choose business, community or political leadership roles; they can and should all be encouraged to embrace choosing personal leadership.

What do I mean by personal leadership? Taking personal responsibility for who they are choosing to be and knowing that their well-being is an inside job, that no-one else can do it for them. It means learning to make choices that bring them true joy and fulfilment. Having the skills to find appropriate solutions to challenges they may face.

This requires us to find new, better ways to support and guide children as they grow up. Ways to nurture their emotional resilience and help them develop critical and creative thinking skills. Ways to recognise and honour their innate wisdom and help them find their unique, authentic voice. Ways to help them be curious and courageous in their exploration of the world.

How do we do this? It feels an impossible, overwhelming challenge to try to change the current status quo.

So don’t even think about trying. We can each start with ourselves and our own children or other children in our lives. We can engage them differently by listening differently. Listen for the clues they give about how they connect with life, their innate wisdom, what makes their heart sing, what they are passionate about.

When we do this we know better how to support them, how to make them feel seen and valued for their uniqueness. We know better how to help them learn to manage challenges and find their own solutions. Most importantly we know better how to guide them to remember who they really are as they grow up.