Mastering the art of staying out of the way while still fully engaging!

This has been such an exciting year, and one of continuing discovery. As well as creating Birdham Bear and focussing on getting his first story ready for printing I knew I had to create the infrastructure to promote this blossoming venture.

The obvious next requirement was an engaging website – definitely not my area of expertise! Just as I had when looking for an illustrator, I made the assumption it would be a challenge to find the right person and braced myself for it being a long process. Silly me!

My niece, Anna, very quickly pointed me to a woman she had met who was a brand new web designer. One phone call and I knew I’d struck gold again. We had an instant rapport and I knew she ‘got’ Birdham Bear. I love her creative ideas … and her patience with my limited grasp of the technology.

So now the Birdham Bear family includes the wonderful Lucy Reynolds!

As a life coach I have long known that when we trust our intuition and let that guide us everything flows easily. I’ve experienced it so often in my life and I’ve helped many clients embrace the concept and make it part of their lives. Despite that I still fell into the belief that it would be hard to find the right people.

No more! This unfolding Birdham Bear adventure is a masterclass in the art of getting the dance right between engaging fully with what my intuition is telling me while not allowing myself (my thoughts, fears, beliefs) get in the way.

I went to a women’s event once where the overriding message was ‘just take the first step’ and it is so true. If there is anything you want to do, whether it’s business or leisure do not allow assumptions, beliefs, fears to stop you. Take the first step, no matter how tiny and be open to how it might all unfold. Follow your intuition even if it doesn’t make sense at the time …and be prepared to be astonished.

If you can’t quite bring yourself to take that first step contact me for a chat about coaching.