Love not anger!

So, as I write this, our world leaders are gathering in beautiful St Ives for the G7 Summit. Some of you will know that I knitted hearts for each leader and was unable to find a way to gift them. They are, however, in Cornwall quietly sharing their energy of unconditional love and support there.

The Summit has prompted me, again, to ponder what I want from our leaders. Very simply, I want them  to open their hearts and be guided from there. That’s what I believe it will take to bring about the radical change we need.

Sounds so easy, but for anyone to do this takes huge personal courage. It requires us to let go of the entrenched patterns of behaviour and beliefs that ‘keep us safe’ and influence our decisions. Rather than the anger, blame and criticism that is so often directed at them they need pure, unconditional, loving support to find the strength to be the leaders we need and want.

Are we up to the job? Can we do ourselves what we want our leaders to do? Can we open our hearts to connect with them beyond our usual attitudes? I’m trying my best.

This little story is my gift of support. Pease share, share, share to help me grow a wave of possibility and hope that we can create the world we want.

We Are One … a story of hope and possibility

The leaders of the world gathered, as they did each year. Meeting to agree the future of our planet and all life on it.

Sadly, they were unaware that, like so many of us, they had long forgotten the sadness and fear buried deep in their hearts. Feelings that had lurked there for eons.

It served to prevent them imagining beyond the practices of exploitation and plundering that were breaking our beautiful planet. It stopped them believing that it really could be done differently.

They took their usual places, bringing their usual notes, having prepared their usual speeches.

Then everything stopped. This was not usual! There was a small fire burning in the centre of the room. They looked at it, unsure of what it meant.

As they turned to each other, wondering, the door opened and a line of children silently walked into the room.

Each stood in front of an adult and gently reached out to take their hand.

One by one they led the leaders to the fire and invited them to sit, forming a large circle. Adults and children together gazing into the flames.

Nobody spoke. This was not a time for words. The fire worked its magic.

As they watched, pictures started to appear in the flames. Stories unfolded before them. So many stories from every corner of the world.

Some ancient, some new, some still to happen. The images circled and danced, ebbing and flowing, mesmerizing all who watched.

Quietly, oh so gently, the stories wove together. Sharing the wisdom of the ancients, the wisdom of the children, the wisdom of Gaia.

The leaders were deeply moved by what they saw. The sadness and fear buried so deep in their hearts started to stir, and they became aware of that which had been so long forgotten.

The children silently reached out to take their hands again. To hold them, to support them as the long-suppressed emotions were freed. Time passed. Tears fell, bodies shook as hearts shed the weight of all they had been carrying.

Then there was calm.

The children smiled. They hugged the leaders until they too were able to smile again.

Standing up the adults felt lighter and freer than they could ever remember feeling. They marvelled at the beautiful glow that now warmed their hearts. The glow of possibility and hope.

The children led them back to their seats. Reaching into their pockets they each pulled out a small knitted heart and quietly placed it in their leader’s hand.

Speaking for the first time, they said, ‘We represent all children of the world, those that have gone before, those here now and those yet to be born.

This is our gift to each of you, a simple heart knitted with love. Made from pure wool it carries the energy and wisdom of our sacred land. It is filled with the hopes, dreams and wishes of all children of the world.

It represents your renewed heart. Carry it with you always as a reminder of the love that all our hearts share. It will support you as you find the courage to make different choices, better choices for all of us.’

One by one they left the room.

Holding their knitted hearts the leaders took a deep collective breath. Without hesitation, they looked at each other, picked up their notes, their agendas and their speeches … and tore them up.

Speaking with one voice, they said, ‘Now it is time to begin to create, together, a world that values and honours all of life. A world of love and hope. A world we want all our children to inherit. THIS WE PLEDGE.’