Another lesson in the art of staying out of the way while fully engaging!

Colouring with Birdham Bear

So far my adventure with Birdham Bear has flowed easily and been nothing but fun. This week it changed. I was so excited when the colouring books arrived and I finally had all my printed products together … then it happened. I suddenly felt an imperative to have to sell them. They have cost me a lot to create, now it’s not a fun project any more but a serious business! The ease and joy evaporated.

I was shocked. This isn’t what Birdham bear is about. Fortunately I do listen to what I teach others and I do ‘practice what I preach’. So I stopped. I took my focus off the ‘business’ and spent time reconnecting with Birdham Bear himself.

It worked. I realised I had allowed a ‘reality’ to take over that wasn’t mine and slipped into getting in the way of the flow of what wants to happen (if you have read my previous blogs you’ll know how much Birdham bear wants to happen!).

I had made a noxious cocktail consisting of a large measure of ‘that’s the way business has to be done’ combined with a measure of self-doubt and a dash of financial concern. And it tasted horrible!

Spitting it out and pouring it away I started asking myself questions my coaching clients will be very familiar with. Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to recognise what I’d done and choose to get out of the way again. I was soon fully reconnected with Birdham Bear; I reminded myself what is so exciting about him, what he stands for and why I created him.

The excitement is back!!

As well as preparing for Draper’s Yard I’m researching other ways I can bring Birdham Bear to the world – and there are many possibilities. I’ll keep you posted …