About Birdham Bear

Birdham Bear was born in answer to a question I kept asking myself, a few years ago, while running confidence and self-esteem programmes for women: ‘What can we do differently to support children to grow up without losing their confidence and self-belief?’

Pause with me for a moment and imagine a world populated by people who are guided by their heart, are emotionally resilient, have a strong sense of self, take personal responsibility for their happiness and can find creative solutions to challenges they may encounter.

It was never in my plan to become a children’s author but Birdham Bear obviously wanted to be here and I was the person to make it happen.

I took a deep breath and dived in. This was my opportunity to ‘practice what I preached’. I followed my intuition, listened to my heart and TRUSTED that it would all happen perfectly. Even though this was a whole new world for me!

Once I learned to get out of my own way Birdham Bear was free to become what he wanted to be … a voice of wisdom for children young and old.

His overriding message is that we all have our own ‘unique’, as he likes to call it. Our own unique blend of energy, innate wisdom, passion and skills … and this is our gift for the world. Our purpose in life is to listen to our heart, to discover what our ‘unique’ is, to find our authentic voice and to share it with the world in whatever way inspires us.

Children are born knowing this, sadly most seem to forget as they grow up. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything we do to support them encourages living from their heart, positively reinforces their sense of self and helps them find their unique expression.

All Birdham Bear stories and activities are created for children and their adults to share as a magical journey of exploration and discovery of themselves and the world around them.

Thank you for being curious and exploring this far.


Birdham Bear’s Guide To Summer Fun