Birdham Bear

Curiosity, wonder & awe

Welcome to the magical world of Birdham Bear – a world of fun and adventure created for children to bloom and grow.

Birdham Bear, Mr Fox and his nature fairy friends are all excited to share story books, gifts and so much more that inspire children to remember who they really are.

Loved by children and adults alike around the world.

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Our natural state of being is one of balance, well-being and love; as is that of the beautiful planet we inhabit.

Each and every living being has its own ‘unique’ – a unique energy and innate wisdom, a unique expression and connection with life, a unique gift to share with the world.

Children are born with a purity and clarity about who they are; they glow with their ‘unique’. Birdham Bear wants every child to remember this as they grow up and find their unique place in the world.

Not just for children – Birdham Bear’s wisdom is for us all.

Birdham Bear